Technical Analysis

About the course

Who can Join
  • A Class 12 Passout
  • A Engineer
  • Chartered Account or CFA
  • We had students from all fields joining this course!
  • Fee: Rs. 6000
Prior Knowledge Required
No Prior knowledge of any field required.
Topics to be Covered
  • Support, Resistance
  • Top Down Approach
  • How to understand the Psychology of Big Traders using charts
  • Candlestick Patterns
  • Price Patterns
  • Dow Theory
  • Indiacators/Oscillators etc.
Course Duration

30 – 45 days

Take Aways
Definitely a Certificate from CREALTH EDUCARE but the key takeaway will be the knowledge which will make you your own advisor of Investing/Trading.
Who should Join
Ones who have theoretical knowledge about stock markets but don’t know how to apply them in live markets, those who want to make a career in stock markets!!

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